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Energy in Motion

How Energy, Carbon, and Logistics impacts Business and Our Future

Learn more about emerging trends in the areas of Energy and Logistics. Gain a new perspective on achieving a Greenhouse Gas reduction strategy that is not only good for the planet but generates value by maximizing efficiency.

Latest Posts

  • Using Filtration to Reduce Maintenance costs and Carbon Emissions
    Filters are used in almost every industry, from the HVAC at your local shopping mall to the car you drove to get there, filters ensure clean fluids make their way into our equipment, industrial facilities, and environments. Filtration is a powerful, but often overlooked tool. Effective filtration supports our goals of reducing carbon emissions, reducing […]
  • The problem with “Net Zero”
    Almost every publicly traded company has now pledged to reduce their carbon emissions by “X” percent by the year “X” and achieve net zero emissions by the year “X”. While achieving net zero emissions is a very important goal, one very important question remains… How? Reducing carbon emissions is not a one size fits all […]
  • Meeting Solar PV and Battery Demand Through Recycling
    The demand is here, but can we meet it? Battery electric vehicles and PV Solar is expected to grow to 50% of all cars being manufactured and 30% of all electricity being produced by the year 2030. Even with sustained growth, the mining industry alone will not be able to meet and sustain the demand […]
  • Refining unrefined technology – How Carbon Capture can give petroleum a second chance
    As has technology has improved so has the potential for increasing the sustainability of non-renewable energy resources. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a way of reducing carbon emissions. It involves a three-step process, 1. Capturing the carbon dioxide produced by industrial activity, 2. Transporting it, and 3. Storing it. Occidental Petroleum is one of […]
  • We need fossil fuel to create a renewable energy solution
    The old saying goes “it takes money to make money”, but it also takes energy to create energy. By effectively assigning an expiration date to an entire energy source it creates artificial imbalances in supply, demand, and cost in order to achieve a cost effective transition to cleaner energy sources. Traditional energy; coal, petroleum, natural […]

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Yussef Alshalaldeh is a Business Professional with over 15 years of professional and technical expertise.

He currently lives in Northern Nevada with his family and enjoys outdoor activities, reading, and travelling.